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Radar Video Recording Systems

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AIT's Witness system permits the total recording of radar data from a radar installation together with additional information on system settings, operator actions and display controls if desired.

The unique benefits of the Witness can best be appreciated in the light of the limitations of other approaches to recording radar The simplest method although perhaps the least satisfactory, is to photograph each screen full of information However, this means that one display must be exclusively reserved for the camera, viewing must wait until film is developed and images cannot be re-injected into the system to mention three obvious shortcomings.

A second method involves electronically converting data into a television type raster format. With this approach, images can be stored on ordinary videotape, but the resolution is poor and once again the data cannot be re-processed by the original radar equipment.

The Hindsight Witness provides interfaces for all common radar signals -trigger, video, azimuth and a heading marker. The value of this system lies in the tact that it is designed to reproduce radar data in the same format as it was recorded Processing and display systems treat a Witness recording just like live data.

The Witness reproduces the complete radar environment, from the richness of detail in the original data to the actual presentation of that information, thereby providing an unmatched resource for analysis and training.



Inputs (Standard Unit)

Radar Trigger
TTL or Analogue +ve or -ve pulse, 2-3OV, Quiescent level 0-0 BV
200 Hz-S kHz
75 Ohm
Radar Video
Antenna Azimuth
Analogue +ve or -ve going, 1-7V peak-peak, Quiescent level -2V-+2V.
75 Ohms.
Type 4096 pulses/rev ACP and separate ARP, differential (R5422) or +ve/ve pulse (2-30V) Rotation Rate 1-30 rpm
Ships Heading Marker
+ve or -ve pulse, closing contact to DV.
50 uS minimum.
(2 Channels Normal, 2 Channels Hi-Fi)
-8 dBv (line), -60 dBv (mid
47 kOhm unbalanced (line), 4 7 kOhms unbalanced (mid
50 Hz- 12 k Hz (normal), 20 Hz-20 kHz (Hi-Fi)
Inputs to the system from the radars are via cage clamp connectors
Connections to the remote controller are via 9-way 0-Type connectors

Outputs (Standard Unit)

Radar Trigger
UL or Analogue +ve or -ve pulse, 2-14V, Quiescent level -5 - +5V.
75 Ohms
Radar Video
Analogue +ve or -ve going, 1 - 7V peak-peak, quiescent level -5-+5V
75 Ohms
Antenna Azimuth
Rotation Rate
4096 pulses/rev ACP and separate ARP, differential (R54221
As recorded signal
Ships Heading Marker
+ve or -ve pulse, closing contact to DV
As recorded signal (3 PRI's min)
-60 dBv to -20 dBv B Ohms unbalanced
(2 Channels Normal, 2 Channels Hi-Fil -8 dBv 600 Ohms unbalanced
50 Hz-i 2k (Normal), 20 Hz-20 kHz (Hi-Fi).
Outputs from the system to the radars are via cage clamp connectors.
Recording Time
Fast Forward/Rewind time
30/60/180/240 minutes (depending one tape Iengthl
Approximately 3 minutes with 180 cassefte
S-VHS Only
VCR (without System Manager). Via VCR front panel
Intelligent Radar interface Via Menu Driven Front Pane
Intelligent Radar Interface Unit. 2 line 20 character display with backlighting, DSQM Input "Health" indicator and DSQM Output "Health" Indicator
Selectable Manual / Automatic (Available Shortly)
Time Code
Built in Time & Date recording to 1 second resolution
Remote Alarm
Contact closure to failure indicator
Built-In Test (BITE)
Power Up
Record DSQM
Replay DSQM
Comprehensive test of the complete system
Dynamic Signal Quality Monitoring of radar signals
Dynamic Signal Quality Monitoring of radar signals

Option Cards


Enhanced ACP
(115V or 26V Reference)
(115V or 26V Reference)
(Higher Rotation Rates)
Specification as per Trigger
Stepper Motor Compass record/replay + Log
Serial Data
Asynchronous R5232/422 300-9600 Baud. eg Ship's telegraph, helm/engine order
Parallel Data
8/16 bit TTL unbalanced with strobe, maximum lkByte/s.
Auxiliary Bufter Card
Provides buffering and outputs for a second radar display.



Additional Units


System Manager Provides automatic control of two recorders for continuous overlapping recordings to be made without operator intervention. Allows a system with two VCRs (ie Full Witness) to replay from the standby VCR while recording to the other.

Interswitch Box Allows one of a number of radars to be selected for recording. Allows recorded output to be switched to one of a number of displays.

Remote Control Provides remote control of the Witness system and the Interswitch box if fitted









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