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AIT Recorders Ltd. (formerly Walton Radar Systems) was founded in 1979, and since that time the Company has applied an innovative methodology to market driven business development which today manifests itself in a unique range of products that are at the leading edge of technology. The Company has international presence with its headquarters in the UK and offices in the USA, Canada and the Far East and employs a multi-talented workforce worldwide.

Background and Capability

The name AIT is now synonymous with innovation and our expanding family of products and systems draws on advanced thinking coupled with maximum Customer interaction. Today AIT operates in the business areas of Voice and Radar Recording, and Security Systems.

Radar and Security Systems provides systems and products designed for mission critical operations. AIT's Hindsight Witness system permits the total recording of radar data from a radar installation, together with additional information on system settings, operator actions and display controls. AIT's Hindsight VM1 sets new standards of convenience, integrity and reliability in security / covert audio recording. VM1 is a breakthrough in security covert applications using miniture solid state technology and a removable flash card.

Risk Management Products addresses specialised areas in the management and protection of liabilities and assets with the Comfile and Rapid Eye product families. Comfile is a range of voice and data recording products used where voice transactions or instructions can result in liability. This market includes Emergency Services, Air Traffic Control, financial institutions such as brokerage houses and insurance companies, and medical and legal services. In all these applications, a recording can verify the transaction or instruction. Rapid Eye is a video telesurveiliance product developed primarily for the commercial security market It's applications include convenience stores, banks, automated bank teller machine (ATM) lobbies, apartments and warehouses, where it is used to monitor, verify and identify alarms.

Reusability and Quality are designed into AIT products at source, and high investment in advanced manufacturing and design procedures is reflected in AIT's certification to the most arduous reliability requirements. The Company's design manufacturing and support procedures have been formulated to the requirements of ISO 9001 and AIT holds both military and civilian approved product accreditation.

Customer Technical Support is paramount to AIT's commitment to individual customer satisfaction. The Company has grown in size and scope not only on the strength of excellent products, but on the assurance of maximum support from a team dedicated to customer satisfaction.







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