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Product Solutions

Digital Voice Recording

VM1 Series

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AIT Recorders new low-cost HindsightTM VM1 digital voice recorder has been specifically designed for use in undercover surveillance operations, and is capable of recording up to three hours audio data onto a lightweight semiconductor memory card which is just 3.3mm thick.

Developed using the latest technology, it provides an exceptionally small and easily concealed recording device, ideal for body-worn surveillance operations or other types of covert use.

High quality digital recordings are made using a lightweight semiconductor memory card This has the capacity for around three hours' recording, and is easy to remove The memory card system is based on the latest Flash memory technology, which ensures that recorded audio data can never be accidentally lost.

Weighing only 150 grams, the unit is powered by standard AAA internal batteries or an external power source and measures 131mm x 66mm x 15mm. Such dimensions ensure that it is easy to conceal beneath ordinary clothing. In addition, the VM1 can also be disguised inside a custom-designed carrying unit e.g. a fully operational mobile telephone or pocket calculator, there is even potential for it to be concealed within a thick belt. The unit does not have to be body-worn, as the design also lends itself to be built into an enclosure of your choice.









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