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Digital Voice Recording


VM1 Series

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The VM1 is a ruggedised unit, designed using the latest solid state memory card technology, which means there are no moving parts, making the system extremely reliable.

Using Flash memory technology ensures that the recorded audio data can ever be accidentally lost. To enhance security, there is no playback facility on the recording unit itself. Playback can only be accomplished by removing the memory card and inserting it into a dedicated replay unit, or by using special replay facilities via a laptop or other PC.

All recorded audio data is protected from unauthorised use by encryption of voice data using a proprietary algorithm before it is stored on the memory card. In addition, checksums are computed at pseudo-random intervals and inserted into the data stream. The voice data is decrypted before replay takes place, and the checksums are verified in terms of both value and position within the data. This means any attempt to alter the memory card contents can be immediately detected. It is estimated that, even using the latest computer technology, it would take at least ten years to discover the encryption algorithm by means of trial and error. Even if data were successfully decrypted, the checksums would make any attempt to alter it immediately apparent.









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