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Rapid Eye

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The Rapid Eye™ Remote Video Unit connects directly into industry standard CCTV systems and has the ability to process video signals for storage and transmission over telephone lines, leased lines, ISDN lines and cellular links.

Rapid Eye is a family of ‘assessment tools’. These tools assist users in ‘assessing’ site activities and conditions remotely, by providing them with video and audio information. Armed with this information, users can make more informed and timely decisions. The need for this type of assessment capability varies and is described in the applications section below.


Rapid Eye Operator Software Operator Features & Specifications

Also known as Rapid Eye OS, this is the most visible product to users of the system. It is the cornerstone of the Rapid Eye Family of video telesurveillance products. Leading the way with advanced and flexible system features, a familiar and easy-to-use interface, and state-of-the-art technology. Rapid Eye OS delivers effective remote alarm verification, video site touring, crisis intervention and remote business management capabilities from your desktop.
Rapid Eye OS is used for administrative setup and normal operational use such as viewing video. Unlike other competitive offerings, Rapid Eye OS is software only. There is no need for specialized hardware. It loads onto standard Window® 95/ NT computers, including portable notebooks. Rapid Eye OS is very feature rich and allows full control over the Remote Video Unit. Users can to connect to remote sites to view live video, retrieve stored video, process alarm activity, and control lights, sirens, and door locks. Viewing can be done on-demand, as part of an automated site tour (guard-tour), or based on an event (alarm) trigger at the remote site. The latest version of Rapid Eye OS is capable of operation with earlier versions of Rapid Eye Remote Video Units.

Rapid Eye PLUS Remote Video Unit Remote Video Features & Specifications

Rapid Eye PLUS is the latest version of the Remote Video Unit that delivers the highest performance and richest feature set in the video telesurveillance business. Fully compatible with other members of the Rapid Eye familiy of telesurveillance products, Rapid Eye PLUS enables effective remote alarm verification, video site touring, crisis intervention and remote business management capabilities, with full site control in a flexible, easy-to-install package.
Rapid Eye PLUS is an intelligent hardware device that is installed at a remote site. It connects to standard CCTV cameras, standard alarm systems and standard communications interfaces. The unit processes video information for either local storage and/ or transmission. It is the device Rapid Eye OS connects to when viewing video from a site. The unit can monitor alarm sensors and establish a communication link with Rapid Eye OS upon triggering. Standard features include 4, 8, or 16 camera inputs, 16 alarm inputs, 8 control outputs, ~1.5 hours of pre/ post alarm video storage, and a variety of communications options such as POTS, ISDN and LAN.

Rapid Eye MANAGER Personal Software Manager Features & Specifications

Rapid Eye MANAGER Personal Software delivers to business operations the full power of the Rapid Eye family of video telesurveillance product family. With a familiar and easy-to-use interface, and state-of-the-art technology Rapid Eye MANAGER is an affordable, simplified variation of the full featured Rapid Eye OS product. Similar in its operation, users can ‘look’ into their sites, without interfering with the integrity of the alarm system. MANAGER is targeted at the end-user who wants to ‘look’ into and manage their sites remotely while leaving the alarm monitoring and visual verification to a central station. If an alarm occurs while a MANAGER user is connected to a site, the Remote Video Unit will disconnect them and subsequently establish a connection to a pre-programmed Rapid Eye OS system for appropriate alarm processing.









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