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Product Bulletin

Digital Voice and Data Recording System

Comfile 500 Series

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AIT (Advanced Information Technologies) Recorders Limited, a world leader in Interactive Security Products, launches its latest release of its flagship product, Comfile 500 instant recall voice and data recording server. Utilizing a proprietary digital compression system, the Comfile 500 focuses on high performance voice and data recording with Instant on-line replay at the lowest cost. Ideally suited to address the needs of small to medium sized enterprises and emergency service organizations.

AIT's 4 to 16 channel ELS modular architecture offers the building blocks that meet your organization’s current recording requirements, while maintaining the flexibility to grow according to future needs. Designed for mission critical applications, the modular building blocks provide for flexible dual redundancy recording, continuous on-line recording through to backup archival using CD re-writable media, DAT DDS2/DDS3 and/or DVD storage systems.

Comfile's modular flexibility provides for one of the most cost effective recording solutions in the market today. The system's point and click easy-to-use control software runs on DOS, MS Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 operating systems. Comfile 500can be controlled through a built in LCD display control panel accessed and maintained locally via LAN, or remotely via WAN, modem dial up.

AIT's Comfile product family is in use today by call centres, help desks, securities traders, Banks, Insurance brokers, Air Traffic Control Organizations emergency service centres where mission critical communications depend on verbal verification and agreements...

In today's world of rising security concerns, it is vital that the best possible protection be provided. Where 'crisis' intervention is necessary for the safeguarding of information, personnel and assets, AIT's Interactive Security Products are key.









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