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Digital Data, Telephone Voice Call Recording, Logging and Monitoring Systems

Comfile 500 (UK only)

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Comfile 1000/2000 Series

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Choose your digital recording solution from three hardware options: the Comfile 500 (available in the United Kingdom only), Comfile 1000 or the Comfile 2000.

The recording technology within Comfile provides the versatility to interface and integrate all data generated within a military or civilian radar control centre.

The Comfile 1000 can record and replay from 1 to 16 channels, with instant call replay from a 9GB hard drive of the most recent 1000 channel hours and a DDS2 DAT drive capturing up to 550 channel hours of recording, or 4.7GB DVD-RAM giving up to 600 channel hours per cartridge side.

The Comfile 2000 builds on the Comfile 1000's considerable capabilities and is a rack mountable unit. Comfile 2000 is expandable up to 60 channels and comes with a standard dual DDS2 DAT drive capable of 7000+ hours of unattended recording. Optional DDS3 DAT drives give 21,000+ hours capacity.  Or DVD-RAM giving up to 600 channel hours per cartridge side.  Hard drive options up to 72GB  give up to 8000 channel hours of instant access!

Call Logging Graphical User Interface

Comfile Recorders are characterised by an easy to use GUI interface that adds to their appeal and flexibility for call logging. Controlling, monitoring and instant recall of recorded calls and reviewing archive tapes is simple and intuitive through the Call Commander (Windows 98 or Windows NT/2000 compatible) Graphical User Interface.

Comfile GUIs have built-in call logging capabilities providing at-a-glance representations of all channel activity.

This includes channel number or name, date/time stamp, dialled out number and current recorder Status of hard disc, DAT tape and channel usage. As well, a powerful advanced call search engine enables search and play on channel, date, time and DTMF. The retrieval of a particular call can involve a data filter option which enables a quick search on selected parameters such as time, date, channel, dialed number or a combination of these. This provides users fast and accurate search criteria to recorded calls. Password security options provide access control for multiple users, protecting confidential information and custom configuration settings.









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