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Product Specifications

Digital Voice and Data Recording

Comfile 1000/2000 Series

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All Comfile Recorders monitor and record call logging:

From PABX and PSTN phone lines to provide non-intrusive recording of both sides of a telephone line; radio transmissions; analog radar; and ISDN3O, Q931 and Euro Q931 2 Mbit/sec primary rate lines (in the United Kingdom only). And all Recorders can be networked providing a variation of Recorder and Graphical User Interface (GUI) configurations, up to 16 Recorders (16 x 60 channels) - and 16 GUI workstations. A number of recording activation options are available - On/Off hook, vox, contact closure or always On or always Off.

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  • Digital recording and high quality call replay
  • Monitors and records from analog PBX and PSTN telephone lines
  • Records and replays from 1 to 16 channels/recorder
  • Small footprint
  • Hard Drive - Instant recall of last 500 channel hours (4GB) during recording sessions, expandable to 18 GB
  • DDS-2 DAT - 550 channel hours of unattended archived recording/Archive call management
  • DDS-3 DAT - 1600 channel hours of unattended archived recording/Archive call management
  • DVD-RAM 4.7Gb - 600 channel hours of unattended archived recording/Archive call management
  • Recording activated via On/Off hook, VOX, contact closure, or always On/Off
  • Internal loudspeaker and headphone socket

(same as Comfile 1000 features, plus...)

  • Records and replays up to 60 channels/recorder
  • Rack mountable and expandable to meet your future channel needs
  • Dual DDS-2 DAT drives with 1000+ hours of unattended recording, optional DDS-3 or DVD-RAM drives available

(Serial and Network version Interfaces available)



Voice Interface Cards 4 voice channels per card. Up to four cards may be installed in the Comfile 1000 and 15 cards may be installed in the Comfile 2000
Data Interface Cards 4 channels per card, synchronous/asynchronous, R5232/RS422 serial data. Data rate up to 64 kbps
Archive Recording Medium DDS-2 DAT tape drive, 550 channel hours per DDS-2 DAT tape
DDS-3 DAT tape drive, 1600 channel hours per DDS-3 DAT tape (DDS-2 compatible)
DVD-RAM 4.7Gb, 600 channel hours per side of cartridge
Instant Access Recording Medium 9 GB Hard disk -instant access to 1000 channel hours
optinal drives up to 32 Gb capacity
Compression l6Kbit/s ADPCM, 32 Kbit/s ADPCM, 64 Kbit/s PCM
Frequency Response 200Hz to 3,400Hz +/- 1dB
Audio Gating User Configurable per channel: Activated via On/Off hook, VOX, contact closure, always On/Off
Input impedance >30K Ohms (optional 600 Ohms line matched interface)
Input Sensitivity 0 to - 6OdBm (AGC Out); +12 to -6OdBm (AGC In)
Distortion <35dBC
Electrical Power Single Phase AC 115/230 V I 120-200 W (model dependant)
2000 - optional multiple redundant PSU modules
1000 - 22 lbs. (approx. 10 kg)
2000 - 45 lbs. (approx. 20 kg.)
1000 - 7W x13"H x 16 1/2r'D (180 mm W x 335 mm H x 420 mm 0)
2000 - 19"W x7"H x 190(483 mm W x 180 mm H x 485 mm 0)

Operating Temperature

+5 to +40 deg C @ 35% RH


0 to 7,000 feet

Relative Humidity

20% to 80% @ 26 deg C
PC Control RS232 Serial or Network Ethernet (cable supplied)
Audio Output Internal speaker, headphone and line out socket
Operating Duration Designed for 24 hrs/365 days/yr continuous operation
MTBF 80,000 hours.

Call Commander Interface

Operating System

MS Windows 95TM or MS Windows 2000 ProfessionalTM


Win 95TM - 32Mb: Win 2000TM - 64Mb

Screen Resolution

Windows 800x600, 256 colors or better


IBM PC or clone 486 DX2-66MHz or higher
One R5232 Serial Port for Recorder cabling
Requires a mouse









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